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Blocktimeworld’s Tireless Worker:

Meet the Crawler

Hassle-Free DeFi

The Crawler enables liquidity farming and other rewards without need to deposit LP tokens.

On-Demand Snapshot

The Crawler takes a fresh snapshot of pools and assets directly from the blockchain.

Multi-Chain Technology

The Crawler crawls and indexes multiple layers of EVM chains with ease.

Universal Platform

The Crawler can be deployed on any combinations of DeFi systems, target tokens, and reward assets in Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

NFT Tokens Included

.The Crawler crawls and indexes NFT tokens with ease and enables NFT farming as well.

Active Projects:

SWAM Token

Distributed to SWAM poolers and stakers. Earn extra 25% APR by just holding it here!

KIWI PoW Token

Community-donated tokens shared monthly using

DUST Token

Mutant Monsters NFT farming. 9.75% APR on accumulated DUST. Auto-compounding.