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SWAM Conversion and Beyond

SWAM as an ERC20 token project will be discontinued.

There are enough ERC20 tokens already!

SWAM is delisted from Coingecko.

The token convert campaign is now. 

The campaign aims at collecting SWAM from users and markets to be converted into currency that will be used in the NFT economy built on

DUST as a token will be discontinued as an ERC20 project as well, but it will become something cooler – a means to accumulate NFTs and passive income with a solid business model.

SWAM can and should be converted to DUST. Read on!


Q: What if I want to swap my SWAM into something else, like MATIC or DAI?

A: Go ahead, there is still some liquidity. Someone else will benefit from that move. This migration campaign is designed to reward SWAM holders with lucrative bonuses.



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The smartest thing to do now:


SWAM Burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000DEFAced



Basically, NFTs. Wait for announcements.

People who believed and invested in SWAM will get a considerable kickstart in the reboot.

Thank you for your support!