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FBIRD Liquidity Farming



Firebird DAO will be distributed using various methods:

  • The initial airdrop to KIWI and PYRO holders (about 10% of the total supply)
  • Liquidity farming rewards to KIWI and FBIRD poolers (100% APR)
  • Boosted farming in May-July 2021 (500% -> 250% -> 125% APY)
  • One-time distribution of 25m tokens to KIWI and FBIRD liquidity providers in July, 2021
  • Continuous distribution to stakers (25% APR)
  • Continuous distribution to KIWI NFT holders (details TBA)
  • Ongoing burn-KIWI-for-Firebird option (details TBA)
  • Future campaigns decided byt the DAO

Daily distribution to liquidity providers is linear to pooled tokens.


FBIRD Staking

Withdraw your rewards here.