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Stake Like a Boss:

Meet Staking BOSS

Universal Staking System

The Staking BOSS NFT works with unlimited number of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens and various configuration of these.

Build and Reward the Community

Use Staking Boss for simple staking or sophisticated rewards allocation or airdrops. One-click distribution of funds according to users' stake.

Holding and Staking Rewarded

Allocate rewards based on NFTs held, holdings on a regular account, staked assets, or by any combination of these.

Join the Boss Club

Get your BOSS NFT and start enjoying pasive income like a Boss - TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Staking Opportunities:

KIWI PoW Token

Stake KIWI for daily distribution of rewards.

SwapMatic Token SWAM

Stake SWAM for 25% APR rewards.

Firebird DAO

Stake FBIRD for 25% APR rewards.